A Little About Me


My name is Raluca Berger, I've been tutoring and teaching for nearly 15 years. I've helped individuals from all age ranges learn new languages, continue learning old languages and compliment language classes at primary or secondary schools with supplementary lessons. I have a degree in linguistics and currently work as both an interpreter and translator for hospitals, law enforcement and private businesses.

My passion for Language

I've dedicated my career to facilitating communication between people who are separated by the barriers of language. I have a passion for languages and love working with new students to accomplish their goals. I've helped business persons prepare for trips by learning enough to get what they need and impress their clients. I’ve helped others to truly immerse themselves on vacation by introducing them to not only the language but the culture of the regions they are traveling to. I’ve worked with individuals for whom English is a second language to develop fluency and to study for citizenship and other tests. I’ve worked with children to either learn a new language or to learn English.

How I work

  1. Assess the students proficiency (oral and written) and determine their aptitude with their desired foreign language.
  2. Develop a personalized plan taking into account the students needs, schedule and goals.
  3. Begin work on the plan and continue to assess progress and the requirements on an ongoing basis.

My Qualifications

  • 1998 – 2002: Ovidius University: Constanta, Romania Bachelor's Degree: Philology (English Literature and Grammar, German Literature and Grammar, Italian)
  • 2001 – 2002: Bielefeld University: Bielefeld, Germany: Linguistics (English, German, Italian)
  • 2003 - Present: Translator/Interpreter/Tutor (English, German, Romanian)

A few testimonials from current clients

Raluca is proficient, organized, friendly And by far one of the best tutors we have ever had. I would highly recommend her for any tutoring in her expertise. When our son left for Germany he was confident in his abilities because of her and his German had improved by a letter grade. Sincerely, Amber Cherry
Raluca is doing a magnificent job as tutor with my 8 year old daughter. Her patience and enthusiasm helped my daughter get the confidence and know-how needed to be successful as student . Thank you Raluca! Analiz
Not only am I glad she is my tutor due to her level of expertise, but her broad knowledge and teaching skill are excellent. I look forward to my lessons because I know I'll have a good learning experience and I always learn something new. She makes me try to excel at German and to study almost every day. I soon hope to use her teachings to read German scientific papers and I can't wait...Suzzette Solano
I needed to learn Italian for a trip to Italy with my husband and Raluca was able to teach me everything I needed to know as well as giving me a primer on Italian Culture all via Skype, I reccomend her highly!Kathryn Aittola
As a working professional with little free time and an unpredictable schedule, Raluca has been great at creating a flexible, personalized learning plan that maximizes the productivity of each lesson. At first the thought of learning a new language was very intimidating, but Raluca's teaching style and kind, cheerful personality has made the learning process exciting and fun! Jesse Colston
Raluca has my highest recommendation being my personal Italian tutor for the past year. Her easygoing style,communication skills,and creative ideas for teaching motivates me to learn Italian at a very high level.Dr. Gary S. McCoy
Since I already speak a local dialect of Italian, trying to learn proper Italian is hard difficult, because, she must reteach me. Every session she takes me in a new direction that helps me remember and retain knowledge. She listens well, and identifies why I make mistakes when I make them. I thought it would be a hard process but she is making it as easy as it can be. Best thing I've ever done!!! Giovanni R
Raluca is good at explaining new grammar concepts and patient if I forget a word or when I am speaking slowly. She is conscientious in catching my homework mistakes, including details of diacritic marks. She is always on time, reliable and in a good mood. Best of all I have learned a lot and now I can talk to my boyfriend in his native language and his parents who don't speak much English. Chloe
Raluca has helped me to set realistic goals and to improve my reading, writing and, most of all, spoken Italian in preparation for an upcoming trip to Italy. Raluca's education, experience and professionalism, along with her enjoyable teaching style, has made her an ideal tutor for this "older" student. Barbara



I've been tutoring for ten years, I've taught German, Italian, Romanian and English to students at all levels; from business persons to young children looking for enrichment. I currently reside in Jacksonville Florida and offer tutoring from my home and lessons via Skype and other platforms. Most sessions last between 1-2 hours and I recommend at least weekly sessions so that the students retain as much as possible. If you are interested in group or family sessions they can also be arranged at a discounted rate. I typically like to meet with my client first to discuss their needs and expectations and to assess the student's level of understanding so that I can craft a lesson plan that will be most beneficial to the student.


As an authorized translator from an EU member state, I've translated thousands of documents over the years including: Birth Certificates, Travel Documents, Marriage Certificates, Technical Documents and many more in the following language pairs:

  • German into English
  • English into German

  • Romanian into German
  • German into Romanian

  • English into Romanian
  • Romanian into English


I've been interpreting from English into Romanian and Romanian into English since 2003, my focus has been on consecutive interpretations and I've worked with a variety of different agencies and organizations as an independent contractor over the years. I've interpreted for police agencies, hospitals and city, state and federal governments. The majority of my work has been via teleconference or via Skype.

Pricing, Scheduling and Payment Details


$30 hour for individual student lessons either at my residence or via Skype.

Group/family rates for 2 or more students will depend on material covered.


$36 per hour telephone or Skype

Additional mileage fees may apply for in person interpreting.


$.10 per word personal documents(birth, death, marriage, divorce, etc)

$.15 per word technical documents(business, legal, scientific and medical documents)


For in person services: Either cash, credit or debit via PayPal invoice.

For over the phone or Skype: Credit or debit via PayPal invoice

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